Top 10 bowlers with most wickets in Ashes

The likes of Shane Warne, James Anderson have earned a spot for themselves in cricketing folklore after excellent performances in the Ashes which earned the national team wickets on the trot in Ashes tournaments over the years. Let’s take a look at the 10 bowlers who picked the most number of wickets in the Ashes over the years:

  1. Sydney Barnes( 106 wickets).

Many of the critics have agreed that Syd Barnes was the bowler of the century. He played for England and even the Australians went on to admit that he was the greatest. He was creative and one of the few bowlers who initiated the art of generating the seam off the new ball. Barnes took a total of 106 wickets in the Ashes.

  1. Wilfred Rhodes (109 wickets).

Wilfred Rhodes was a Yorkshire County player who has scored more than 30,000 runs and taken 3,597 Wickets for Yorkshire. He played for England way back in the 1900s. Rhodes has played most of the matches in the Ashes and has scooped 109 wickets.

  1. Ray Lindwall (114 wickets).

Ray Lindwall was an Australian Player who used to play for Australia in the 1950s. Lindwall hailed from Sydney and was a promising all-rounder who used to bat well as well as bowl crucial spells. Lindwall has taken a total of 114 wickets in the Ashes over the years.

  1. Monty Noble (115 wickets).

Noble was a lethal all-rounder for Australia during his career. He played for Australia in the 1980s and enjoyed immense ability in every part of the game. Noble has taken 115 wickets while playing in the Ashes during his career.

  1. Bob Wills (123 wickets).

Playing for England, he was known as the most courageous bowler to have ever played for England. Willis played in the 1970s and was a popular cricketer with his sharp knees, elbows, curly brownish hair and 6 ft 6-inch height. He has taken 123 wickets during his Ashes career.

  1. Ian Botham (123 wickets).

Botham was one of the most dominant and top English players of the 1980s. His batting was full of persistence and a phenomenal strength, whereas his bowling was even more lethal. Botham has taken 123 wickets in his Ashes career.

  1. Dennis Lillee (128 wickets).

He was known as a complete bowler and took charge of the Australian attack for a long period of time. Lillee earned the love of the national fans with his ability, showmanship and hard work. He has taken 128 wickets in the Ashes for Australia.

  1. Hugh Trumble (141 wickets).

Trumble was a fine offspinner who was unplayable most of the times on wet wickets but was capable of taking wickets in any conditions. Trumble could bowl offspin at speeds which were close to medium pace with considerable variations in flight and pace. He has taken 141 wickets for Australia in the Ashes.

  1. Glenn Mcgrath (157 wickets).

Mike Atherton used to compare Mcgrath to the great Curtley Ambrose because of his abilities indicating his greatness. Mcgrath was capable of bowling continuously on an off stump line with an immaculate length and bounce. Mcgrath has a total of 157 wickets in the Ashes.

  1. Shane Warne (195 wickets).

Shane Warne was one of the few bowlers who was rated as amongst the five greatest cricketers of the 20th Century. His ball to Mike Gatting in 1993 bouncing outside leg stump and cutting off, was the most famous delivery in the history of cricket. Warne has the most wickets in the Ashes, in total with a tally of 195 wickets in the Ashes.

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