Top 10 Players with most ducks in Ashes

It is always an embarrassing sight for any player to get out on a duck and walk back to the pavilion without scoring a single run. It is even more embarrassing when you register ducks in the Ashes- one of cricket’s greatest cricketing contests. Let’s take a look at  10 players with the most ducks in the Ashes-

  1. James Anderson (8 times).

Anderson has been one of the most skilful bowlers in England history. But when it comes to batting, he has been very poor having earned 8 ducks most recently during the Ashes as well.

  1. Bobby Peel (8 times).

He was one of the finest all-rounders of his time for England. Peel was primarily a bowling all-rounder who used to bowl slow left-arm orthodox. The all-rounder enjoys the distinction of being dismissed 8 times on duck in Ashes.

  1. Phil Tufnell (8 times).

Probably the best spinner of the 1990s for England, Tuffnell used to bowl slow left-arm orthodox which earned him a lot of praise. He has also been dismissed for a duck 8 times during the Ashes.

  1. John Saunders (8 times).

John Saunders was a member of the Australia team in the 1900s. He was a left-handed slow bowler. Sadly, even he has been dismissed on duck for as much as  8 times in his Ashes career.

  1. Johnny Briggs (8 times).

Johnny Briggs was a batsman who played only 33 Tests for England during his career with an average of just 18. Briggs registered 8 ducks during his career in the Ashes.

  1. Dick Lilley (9 times).

Lilley was unable to achieve much success with an average of just 20 in 35 tests including 9 ducks in the Ashes. The Warwickshire based batsman could not achieve much success with England.

  1. Darren Gough (9 times).

Darren Gough was a strike bowler for England in Test Cricket. He used to play in the 2000s and managed 58 Tests to his name despite injuries. Gough was dismissed for as much as 9 ducks in all the Ashes series he played.

  1. Shane Warne (10 times).

Shane Warne was a legendary spinner of the Australian cricketing team for a long period of time. He has 700-plus wickets to his name in about 145 Tests with his lethal leg-spin. Warne has been dismissed 10 times on duck in the Ashes.

  1. Glenn McGrath (10 times).

Mcgrath was another legendary fast bowler from Australia who took 563 wickets in Test Cricket during his career. He played 124 Tests, being a bowler and also registered 10 ducks to his name in the Ashes.

  1. Syd Gregory (11 times).

The top order, right-handed batsman from the Australian played a total of 52 Test matches during his career with impressive performances in most of the clashes. Gregory has 11 ducks to his name which is the highest in the history of the Ashes.

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