Top 5 Test Teams With Most Whitewashes

Whitewash means winning all the matches of the series, which is also known as the clean sweep. That shows how the team has dominated the opposition in the series. Let’s take a look at the 5 test teams which have enjoyed the most whitewashes in test history:

  1. South Africa (4 times).

After the re-admission of the South African Team to International Cricket, they have been very disciplined and competitive with their gameplay. They were defeated by Australia by a margin of 4-0 at home in 1969/70, before winning 5-0 against the West Indies team in 1998. The team later whitewashed Pakistan and Sri Lanka at home.

  1. Pakistan (5 times).

Pakistan Team also has been very competitive in whitewashing the opposition over the years. They have won various test matches over the years due to their lethal bowling attack. They have registered wins by a margin of 3-0 against New Zealand, Australia and West Indies in 1982, 1990 and 1997 respectively. The side went on to whitewash Bangladesh and England in recent times as well.

  1. India (5 times).

India has been known for generating legendary players who have made the country proud over the years. India has been playing Cricket since the 1930s and enjoy great experience over the years. India has whitewashed both England and Sri Lanka in 1992 and 1993 respectively going on to whitewash Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka in the coming years.

  1. England (13 times).

England has been playing cricket for more than 150 years, having been the founders of the game. They have always been very much passionate about it and eager to win against their rivals Australia. England has whitewashed opponents a total 13 times in all Test series they have played. However, they have whitewashed Australia only once in Ashes. England has also replicated top performances against teams like South Africa, New Zealand, India, West Indies, etc too.

  1. Australia (22 times).

The most dominating Team of the Test Cricket, Australia, have almost been playing cricket since they were Born. They have dominated various teams in history and also were the number one side for a long period of time. Cricket was invented by England but undoubtedly Australia has dominated the game. Australia has enjoyed success against the likes of England, South Africa, India, New Zealand, West Indies, etc too.

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