WATCH: Indian domestic player turns 360-degrees in his delivery stride

Indian Domestic player Shiva Singh has tried something very different against Bengal in CK Nayudu Trophy, unlike everything we had watched in the game of cricket earlier, Shiva Singh rotates 360 degrees in his action bowling left-arm-orthodox. However, the batsman manages to defend it, but the umpires calls it a dead ball immediately.


Looking at the laws of the game, the bowler does not cross the line or change the bowling arm or change the side of bowling, but showing the back to the batsman might be like an indicator for the batsman that the bowler is not ready to bowl. But considering the fact that batsmen are allowed to switch hit and shuffle across the crease should this be also allowed?

We’ve watched unorthodox shots and comedy fielding and runouts set the internet on fire, but this video of Shiva Singh trying a 360-degree bowling action is all over the internet creating a lot of buzz with everyone putting their opinion on if this should be a legal delivery or not.

However according to Law 41.4: “It’s unfair for any fielder to deliberately try to distract the batsman while they prepare for the delivery.” Going by the law, the on-filed umpire has all the authority to judge if the delivery as a dead ball if he feels the action was deliberative to distract the batsman.

The bowler Shiva Singh claims to have bowled this kind of delivery multiple times in other domestic tournaments, where the delivery was not called a dead ball earlier.

Have your say in the below comments section, if you think this delivery should be legal or not, I personally feel the umpire has made right decision calling this a dead ball, as it clearly distracts and confuses the batsman.

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